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Angels Crest Home II is a dedicated residential care home facility for the elderly. This is our newest care home facility and it's located in Danville at 1864 Camino Ramon, California. Our first RCFE  named  Angels Crest Home I is located in Vallejo, California. The business was established in 2005. This care home is a Family Owned and Operated Residential Care Facility for the Elderly (RCFE). We are committed to giving your loved one superior care, offering family members peace of mind... At Angels Crest Home, our seniors and their families comes first! "Your in good hands with the angels". 

About her: Marivie Fabie has a background as a Nurse who turned her interest towards care for the elderly.  She has an extensive managerial experience in both the health and as business owner.  She is also a certified by the State of California as an Administrator for elderly residential care.

Staffing: Our staffs are on-job mandatory training.  The staffs are trained to provide a high quality service and maintain the environment to foster safety, security, dignity and happiness to our residents.  Angels Crest Home is committed in providing experienced, caring and competent staffs. All staffs members are First Aid Certified.

Remarkable Service with Compassionate

We are encouraging a culture of care that is emphasis on patients as individual, appreciating that comfort is central to each individual's healing experience and with everyone's needs are different. We customized our residence needs, they will experience trained staff to deliver the highest quality of care.

Attentive Care with Exceptional

We believe extraordinary care lives in dedication.

* The leading -edge and community-based on the setting that is both high-tech and high touch.

* Making choices tailored to their unique needs is empowers our residence to be here on their own best interest.

* The fact that less noise and disturbance means greater comfort and faster healing process.

* It is also what their needs are and how we serve them promptly - to everything from how ease our residence are to whether they are getting  the Guidance they need to make a correct choices.

Exceptional Service. Building Relationship.

* Security and healing environment in our care home facility, as our work is represent by the right people doing the right job as we regularly strive  to provide the best quality of well being.

* One another are founded on respect and caring with the relationship with patients are the foundation of our framework.​

To schedule an appointment, please call: 1-707-315-9664

Residential Care Facility for the Elderly

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